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December 12, 2016
AMSI Voices Visit to Al Barsha, Grade 11-12 Boys

Monday, November 21st, 2016


Students of Grades 11& 12 had the pleasure of welcoming the team of AMSI Voices steered by Ms. Alissar Nasr ,AMSI CAO.

Their presence, insights, and analysis on education, life, employment, and entrepreneurship – were eye-opening for all.  Our seniors not only witnessed but participated in the highly engaging, focused, and inspiring discussions. They were motivated and propelled on the path towards discovering their strengths and overcoming challenges and encouraged to recognize their talents and passion for good work and success. Surely students learned to understand and value how everyone takes ownership of his/ her success story. They pondered upon their ownstrengths and opportunities for improvement & voiced out their opinions.


AMSI Voices is a networking platform introduced by Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) to empower the graduating students for life after schoolthrough connecting them with distinguished alumni.  The activities under the programme aims to engage with the student community, prepare them with developing trends in the UAE’s entrepreneurial sectors, channel energy towards a bright future after school, and set the tone for the beginning of a new academic year.